Commercial Projects

Buisness Village

Business Village
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2016


Radisson Blu Hotel Alexandria Annex

Radisson Blu Hotel Alexandria Annex
Mediterranean Coast, Alex West, Egypt, 2014-2016


Libyan Grand Mall

Libyan Grand Mall
Benghazi, Libya, 2016


Meeting Point

Meeting Point Business Center
New Cairo, Egypt, 2015-2016



Nile City

Nile City Food Court, Restaurants and Boat Rennovation
Downtown Cairo, Egypt, 2014-2015


Nile Resort

Nile Resort
Giza Governorate, Cairo, Egypt, 2014


Sadhan Showrooms, Al Quadusiya Mall, Al Aglan Mall
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2014-2016


Alex West Sport Club Clubhouse and Arena
Mediterranean Coast, Alexandria, Egypt, 2015


Transformers Fitness Center
Maadi, Cairo, Egypt, 2016


Deer Valley Tourist Resort

Deer Valley Tourist Resort Video Presentation for Ministry of Tourism
Sultanate of Oman, 2015


Hotel Complex in Crimea

Hotel Complex For Divers and Fisherman
Crimea, Ukraine, 2011